To The Student

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to write in English by giving you ample practice in writing your own compositions, starting with the very first lesson. The book also aims to help you communicate better in writing by giving you better knowledge of the grammatical structures of the language and by making this a working knowledge thorough constant application.

This lessons are planned to help you gain both the mechanics (the ability to spell, punctuate, and follow grammatical conventions) and a degree of competency (what to say, how to organize it, and how to say it) in your writing. The topic of composition is always something that is within your personal experience or knowledge, so you will have “what to say.” The model compositions help you acquire the necessary repertory of words, phrases, and sentences for “how to say it.”

By learning to follow the models, you are assured of a minimum number of errors and are less apt to become discourage. You will soon find that you are gaining more confidence in your writing ability and that you are learning how to write in an organized and understandable manner. The task of writing is made as pleasant as possible.

Each lesson is divided into a number of parts :

Model Composition

Vocabulary and Common Expressions



Dictations / Dicto-comps

Outline and Composition Writing



To the Instructor



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